Learn the language of the stars:

The language of the world's ancient myths and sacred stories

When you hear the ancient myths in the language they are speaking, you can go directly to them, yourself, and discover what they have to say for your life

The Courses

  • Comprehensive

    Clear and systematic explanation of the entire ancient world-wide system of celestial metaphor which forms the foundation for the myths, scriptures and sacred stories of cultures on every inhabited continent and island of our Earth -- and their dramatization of our alienation from our own Self, and the path to recovery.

  • Indefinite Access

    Course tuition includes ongoing access to your course for as long as the Undying Stars Academy remains open, and should the Undying Stars Academy ever shut down, you will still get a full year after that to access the course. No subscription!

  • Visual and Audible

    Each lecture is designed to present the material with several different metaphors and comparisons to make the material understandable and memorable, reinforced with visual diagrams, artwork, and abundant star charts, so that you will be completely confident that you will learn it and know it at a deep level.